With Butterworths lawyers and information professionals can quickly find up-to-date information and expert opinion from established names such as Butterworths, Tolley and Halsbury's.

LexisNexis Butterworths (otherwise known as Lexis Library) provides business critical information that works with you to integrate even more closely with your needs. Your most important legal reference materials such as Halsbury’s Laws and most important tax reference materials such as Simon's Direct Tax Service are instantly searchable and browsable from the homepage and you can even personalise the service to suit specific practice areas within your firm.

  • Access the most comprehensive online library of legal, tax and regulatory information
  • Receive expert interpretation of the law and how to apply it;
  • Award winning functionality

  • The most up-to-date UK legislation available anywhere - with Acts consolidated by us to include amendments by SI - and all UK Parliament Acts available in PDF.
  • The best case coverage available with over 500,000 cases and transcripts, including authoritative series such as the All England Law Reports, Industrial Relations Law Reports and Times Law Reports as well as next-day delivery of case digests.
  • Over 160 commentary titles covering all areas of the law, including the renowned and authoritative Halsbury's Laws of England, Harvey on Industrial Relations and Employment Law, Hill & Redman's Law of Landlord and Tenant, Rayden & Jackson on Divorce and Family Matters, Civil Court Practice, Blackstone's Criminal Practice, Butterworths Company Law Handbook - and many more.
  • Unrivalled coverage of Forms and Precedents including the entire Encyclopaedia of Forms and Precedents and Atkins Court Forms.
  • A wide range of journals including New Law Journal, Estates Gazette and many more.
  • Simplify your legal research – whatever you or your lawyers need to find, simply type your keywords into the search field and see all the results instantly. Then the service guides you to other relevant information enabling you to move seamlessly from cases to legislation to expert commentary;
  • Advise with confidence – search the most authoritative coverage of UK legal materials simultaneously, safe in the hands of the most trusted UK legal publishing house. What’s more, all the material can be downloaded to Microsoft Word for drafting;
  • Access constantly updated information – for instance, we provide a Stop Press twice a day to tell you when legislation has changed. And when the new Companies Act was released, it was available on LNB two weeks before any other online legal research service;
  • Save time - with instant cross-referencing between commentary, cases, legislation and other legal materials

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