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LexisNexis® Cares

LexisNexis and its employees worldwide care deeply about adhering to the highest standards of behavior so that customers, suppliers and the global community continue to recognize us as an open, honest and principled organization.

Dedicated to corporate responsibility, LexisNexis works collaboratively to improve the lives of others in our local and globalcommunities, to champion ethical corporate behavior and business practices, to minimize the company's environmentalfootprint and to provide a positive workplace environment.

  • United States

    LexisNexis is working with Attorney General Offices across the U.S. to help train law enforcement professionals on how to respond to potential human trafficking cases.
  • Haiti

    Employee contributions and LexisNexis matching dollars totaled more than $300,000 for relief to the victims of the earthquake in Haiti in early 2010.
  • United Kingdom

    Offering their creative skills in London, to design and print an annual report for Nightwatch, a Croyden organization which cares for the homeless.
  • Denmark

    As well as being part of the UN Global Compact's Caring for Climate initiative, we were signatories to the Copenhagen Communiqu�.
  • France

    Helping a well-known French organization, Secours Populaire Francais prepare a market where they sell products to fight poverty.
  • Germany

    Our Munster, Germany, site was one of the first 10 Reed Elsevier locations to achieve five of the Reed Elsevier Environmental Standards in 2009. Five more LexisNexis locations have reached this goal in 2010.
  • South Africa

    Because upholding the Rule of Law is such a vital mission, we promote the UN Global Compact and continue to fund programs and conferences, such as the All-Africa Moot Court, that offer students access to online statutes and law reports.
  • India

    Through our partnership with the International Justice Mission, we donated CaseMap to lawyers in Kolkata, India, to help them better prepare witnesses and case histories.
  • Hong Kong

    Raising awareness about cancer, LexisNexis Cares employees informed the public about St. Baldrick's Foundation, an organization benefiting children with cancer.
  • Japan

    We match employee donations up to $1,000 annually per employee and up to $1,000 per disaster as part of our Lexisnexis ® Cares Disaster Relief Program.
  • Australia

    As a part of our plight against Human Trafficking we partner with local charities and educational institutions, hold fundraising events, film screenings, and match employee contributions.

In the Community

LexisNexis® Cares

Through our global LexisNexis® Cares program, each year we provide our employees two days off to volunteer for charitable organizations.

Rule of Law

We work with others in our industry to unlock the social, political and economic potential that exists in societies around the globe.

Pro Bono

We share with our customers the commitment to provide access to justice to the poor and disadvantaged through pro bono work.

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Corporate Governance


LexisNexis actively promotes and annually appraises every employee against our values: Customer Focus, Valuing Our People, Passion for Winning, Innovation and Boundarylessness:

Innovation means we welcome and drive change. In challenging the status quo, we encourage our people to be entrepreneurial and to learn from mistakes. We constantly look for new ideas and value 'out-of-thebox' thinking.

Customer Focus means we have a passion for understanding and exceeding our customers' expectations. Acting with integrity, we strive to be their indispensable partner.

Passion for Winning means we are determined to be the best in order to outperform our competition. We focus on being a high energy, fast moving, decisive organization that executes and delivers well and sets aggressive goals. We hold ourselves accountable for outstanding results.

Boundarylessness means we embrace the global nature of our business and encourage people to work collaboratively across business units, hierarchy, functions and geography. We seek to break down barriers between organizations and encourage our people to support one another, and develop positive partnerships with customers and suppliers.

Valuing Our People means we put the highest priority on recruiting, developing and retaining outstanding people. We recognize and reward achievement and empower staff at all levels to maximize their potential and contribution within a work environment based on respect and open and honest communication.

We monitor the progress of each division in embedding the values in its processes. Senior executives are assessed on their values leadership and all employees are evaluated on how well they are living the valuesas part of the annual Personal Development Plan process.

LexisNexis Business Ethics

The LexisNexis code of ethics, disseminated to every employee, guides the way we achieve business goals and encourages open and ethical behavior. It covers key topics such as:

  • Acceptance of gifts and entertainment
  • Company political involvement
  • Safety
  • Human rights
  • Political contributions
  • Whistleblower protections

Compliance with the LexisNexis code of ethics is part of the personal development plan of every employee. Code breaches are subject to swift disciplinary action, up to and including termination of contract.

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Within the Workplace

Diversity and Inclusion

Our parent company, RELX Group, is passionate about making a positive impact on society and customers through our unique contributions as a business including access to information, advance of science and health, protection of society, promotion of the rule of law and access to justice, and fostering communities. We are fully committed to creating a fair and equitable work environment for our people and in all the countries and territories in which we operate we seek to comply with local employment and equality laws.

We want LexisNexis to be a great place to work, where our employees feel valued, have equal opportunities and pay equality, regardless of their gender, gender identity, national origin, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, age or disability status.

Diversity and Inclusion are important to our future. We need the engagement of people from a wide range of backgrounds, experiences and ideas to achieve real innovation for our customers around the world.

We promote Employee Resource Groups, which enable the celebration of diversity to be expressed in meaningful ways. They are independent, voluntary networks of employees who share common interests. The groups help drive diversity initiatives, community involvement and promote career development through mentoring, workshops, leadership speakers and external networking.

Recently, our parent company, RELX Group, signed the Women’s Empowerment Principles, a joint initiative of the UN Global Compact and UN Women, which aims to help companies empower women and promote gender equality. In the year, we mapped out existing practices relative to the WEPs including a professional mentoring program, pairing executives with high-potential women.

Pay Philosophy and Parity

Our reward philosophy aims to support the company’s ability to attract, motivate and retain high performing employees. Our reward principles are underpinned by external equity, internal equity and pay for performance.

We follow rigorous internal processes of one over one approvals and carry out internal audits to ensure pay parity for employees doing the same or similar work in a geography. Additionally, we have a whistle-blower process via an internal hotline to ensure that any issue can be reported without prejudice.

Our Commitment

We are committed to following all local employee legislation, regulations and laws.

For more information on Diversity & Inclusion visit our parent company’s site here.


LexisNexis is committed to helping our employees succeed both professionally and personally. We offer a comprehensive benefits program and a wide range of professional development programs.

The LexisNexis Group employs about 10,000 people in more than 20 countries who serve customers in more than 100 countries. Our employees work across functions and across geographies and cultures to build solutions, products and services that help LexisNexis customers make critical decisions confidently. Every day, all around the world, our people work together as one team - a unified network of local professionals, who share a passion for solving problems, realizing results and pushing the boundaries of what knowledge can do.

At LexisNexis, we believe we have a corporate responsibility to enhance the quality of life in communities where our employees live and work. We act on this responsibility through ourLexisNexis® Cares program.

Health and Safety

"Valuing our people" is a LexisNexis core value evident in our approach to workforce health and safety issues. Rather than viewed as a compliance burden, health and safety is seen as essential to the welfare and productivity of our people. The importance of employee health and safety is addressed in the Reed Elsevier Code of Ethics, to which all LexisNexis employees are subject. This commits us to provide a safe workplace for all employees.

The Code states that, "...in addition, there are laws and regulations that impose responsibility on Reed Elsevier to safeguard against safety and health hazards."

Communication on health and safety issues is part of this commitment. We consult with employees globally on health and safety issues through staff and work councils and we have established a Health and Safety Champions network to discuss policies andbest practices.

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For the Environment

LexisNexis is improving its environmental performance in many ways:

  • We increase energy, water and waste efficiency through investments in new and upgraded technology and mechanical equipment.
  • We promote the reuse of materials. For example, in partnership with the charity Green Standards, LexisNexis retrofits old IT and other equipment for educational purposes.
  • We offer an Alternate Work Solutions program that earned LexisNexis a spot on the 2006 "Best Workplaces for Commuters" list —sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Transportation.
  • We recycle approximately 288,000 pounds of postconsumer paper annually.
  • We improve our environmental reporting by gathering more robust data and engaging Ernst & Young to review it.
  • LexisNexis is striving to reduce energy and water consumption by 10% in 2008 on a 2003 baseline; transportation emissions by 2% in 2009 on a 2004 baseline; 50% of waste recycled in the UK by 2009; and, a 10% reduction in total CO! emissions by 2010 on a 2003 baseline.
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In the Marketplace

Committed to Customer Success

LexisNexis is a leading global provider of information and services solutions to professionals in a variety of areas, including: legal, corporate, government, law enforcement, tax, accounting, academic, and risk and compliance assessment.

We have built our brand from a foundation of reliable, accurate and timely information. Through the integration of premium information sources and technology, LexisNexis helps customers in over 100 countries make confident business decisions. Across the globe, our customers have access to five billion searchable documents from more than 40,000 legal, news and business sources.

We are utilizing our 30 years of expertise, the innovative culture of our employees and our understanding of our customer's challenges to provide workflow solutions. Our customers in law firms, tax and accounting firms and other corporations can now complete their research and tasks like managing outside counsel, assessing customer risk, manage the entire litigation process and growing their business through solutions from LexisNexis.

We also understand that giving back to our customers and to the market in which we operate are critical to our success. Our customers have helped built our brand and we are committed to helping our customers meet their business goal.

In order to do so, we expect high quality and integrity from our suppliers.

Commitment to Our Customers

LexisNexis is committed to helping our customer meet their business goals. We are committed to listening and offering solutions that help our customers win in their own marketplace. We provide exceptional customer support for all our products and services.

Socially Responsible Supplier Network

LexisNexis is committed to the highest standards of corporate responsibility in every aspect of our business and in every corner of the world. At a minimum, we require that all LexisNexis suppliers meet the standards expressed in our Supplier Code of Conduct.

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