Rule of Law

Rule of Law

The rule of law is a theme that unifies LexisNexis across the globe and is one that is passionately supported by the company’s people. LexisNexis is committed to actively working to advance the rule of law, through its day-to-day business, products and services, and its actions as a corporate citizen.

More specifically, LexisNexis promotes the rule of law by:

For more on the rule of law, download this newsletter, Advancing Together: Rule of Law Updates and Perspectives from Around the World.

Transparency of the Legal System

"There can be no Rule of Law unless there is access to the basic sources of law."

— Theuns Viljoen, CEO, LexisNexis Pacific

Rule of Law cannot exist without a transparent legal system, the main components of which are a clear set of laws that are freely and easily accessible to all, strong enforcement structures, and an independent judiciary to protect citizens against the arbitrary use of power by the state, individuals or any other organization.

In some countries the average citizen, businesses trying to operate in those countries, and even practicing lawyers have limited access to laws or legal decisions. Recognising this challenge, LexisNexis has pioneered to compile a collection of legal resources for disadvantaged countries across the globe. In the Pacific, we regularly offer resources to disadvantaged communities in times of need such as in the recent Queensland floods, the Victorian Black Saturday bushfires and to various South Pacific nations by offering complimentary access to our service or by updating laws and making them publicly available.

LexisNexis also publishes educational and evocative works to enrich public understanding of the Rule of Law such as Cases That Changed our Lives (2011) and Human Rights: Treaties, Statutes and Cases (2011).

"The provision of accessible, accurate legal materials is an essential element in ensuring those practicing and studying the law are informed correctly on legal principles, thus enabling them to learn and advise on what is correct legal action", Robin Creyke, Professor- Alumni Chair of Administrative Law, Australian National University in regards to the role LexisNexis plays in upholding the Rule of Law through its resource and workflow solutions.

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Economic Development and the Rule of Law

"The Rule of Law can generate economic reform and unlock the social, political and economic potential that exists in societies."

— Henry Horbaczewski, former Corporate General Counsel, Reed Elsevier

LexisNexis believes that meaningful, deep-rooted economic development can only occur in societies where the Rule of Law exists. Robust economies are dependent upon the existence of clear laws that govern societies and commerce, and a strong, independent judiciary to impartially enforce laws and contracts so that citizens, institutions and foreign investors can risk capital and trust that risk is protected from arbitrary forces. The Rule of Law thus enables people and institutions to fulfill their dreams and aspirations individually and collectively.

LexisNexis promotes economic development and the Rule of Law in a variety of ways, including outreach and advocacy, educational forums, thought leadership, and the free dissemination of and training on LexisNexis® solutions.

In 2007 LexisNexis sponsored the first-ever Conference on Economic Development and the Rule of Law in Latin America. This groundbreaking two-day conference drew former presidents, ambassadors, leading justices, partners from the region’s most prestigious law firms, and executives and general counsel from top corporations across Latin America.

The conference discussed such issues as the judicial system and Rule of Law reform in Latin America, the experience of foreign direct investment in Latin America, how to protect intellectual property, local and international credit and secured lending transactions, and alternative dispute resolution in international trade and investment. The conference also examined future challenges to continued economic progress and Rule of Law in Latin America.

In 2008 we explored opportunities to sponsor a similar conference on Economic Development and the Rule of Law in Asia.

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