Make your office go online with powerful and seamless integration of primary and secondary content available at your fingertips.New editions of Commentaries and analysis by our expert and renowned authors like Mulla, Ramaiya, Sarkar, Ratanlal & Dhirajlal, M P Jain, Chaturvedi & Pithisaria, R S Bachawat, Justice G P Singh etc.

LexisNexis® brings to you a unique and innovative legal research solution - Lexis®India.
This revolutionary solution offers you:

  • Online access to renowned commentaries by experts and stalwart authors like Mulla, Sarkar,
  • Ramaiya, Ratanlal & Dhirajlal, MP Jain, GP Singh, Aiyar, Kanga & Palkhivala and many more
  • Enables you to carry your library with you and work on the move
  • Search relevant topics faster with linkages between Commentaries, Legislation and Case-law
  • Save and share your research with your team
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  • Quick Find
    Perform quick and easy searches across all the Subscriptions, from the Home Page.
  • My Bookshelf
    Customized access to frequently referred publications as per your subscription package.
  • Explore
    Provides flexibility for searching in various source categories. Also gives you the capability to build complex search strings using the Terms & Connectors as well as Natural Language search.

Lexis®India helps you carry out seamless research across different sources (Authoritative Commentaries, Legislation and Case-law) to arrive at relevant results faster

Delivery Mechanisms: Numerous ways in which you can share/ deliver your report by Printing, Emailing & Downloading

My Research: Allows you to save your searches for immediate accessibility

  • Authoritative Content – Drawing from our years of publishing, technology and legal research experience, Lexis®India is a trusted legal information source used by some of the prestigious law firms, legal professionals and leading law schools throughout India
  • Keep Yourself Updated – With topical information and trends on different areas of law- Keep track of changes in law, litigation trends and other key issues in the legal arena through Commentaries authored by our expert and renowned authors
  • Operational Efficiency – Get to relevant results faster through Commentaries linked to Legislation and Case-law
  • Customizable Home Page – Customize your homepage with preferred and most frequently used subscribed sources according to your needs
  • Client ID Assignment – Allows you to tag and save your research activity to a particular client or project
  • 24x7 Access – Access is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via the internet
  • Superior Customer Support – Local training and support is available at no additional cost to ensure users get the best experience from the product

What do you get in Lexis®India offline solution?

  • Lifetime access* to the content you buy
  • Supreme Court case laws with headnotes since inception
  • Central Acts of India with full text of legislation
  • Portability and convenience of usage even without internet
  • Standard tablet features are available, viz. sharing of content by Email, Wi-fi, Bluetooth, etc.
  • Search within search capability

Lexis India Offline Features

  • Accessibility – Search & access Case law and Legislation data from preloaded data repository of Lexis India, enabling permanent offline data accessibility
  • Advanced search capabilities – Search and sorting options for Case law by Party name, Judge name, Judgment decision date, LexisNexis citation, etc
  • Search and sorting options for legislation by Act name, Title and Enactment year
  • Ease of Readability – Full Document view screen on landscape mode, providing text display in the well formatted style and in-page navigation options. Availability of parallel citations for ease of reference
  • Content update – Offline content updates for the Supreme Court Case Law and Legislation on a quarterly basis through web
  • Application update – Periodic upgradation of the Lexis®India tablet app to include new features and functionalities whenever released by LexisNexis India (during the subscription period)

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