Nexis® is an online service for your strategic news and business research. Search for content from 35,000 publications.

Conduct accurate searches of the 35,000 international sources in the Nexis online service. Make informed business decisions after getting the latest news and market reports. Adapt the interface to target your results, using the power of the LexisNexis® database.

  • Quickly get facts to give your business the competitive edge
  • Find company, demographic, and country information
  • Select sources easily
  • Search at a basic level or use advanced functions
  • Choose from a variety of newspaper archives up to 30 years
  • Stay up-to-date through News Alerts

Quick and Efficient Research
Looking for news, financial reports, biographies, company report, country reports, or market information? Nexis quickly searches over 35.000 sources at one time.  

Dedicated Search Interfaces
Tailor your Nexis search strategies to meet your needs and streamline your
efforts. You can use Content Specific Search forms to find information from the right sources in an instant. You can also create individual searches, using a variety of techniques.

Receive daily news reports on topics of interest. Create an Alert, and Nexis will send you updates each morning.
Increase business efficiency
Nexis frees up your planning time by providing fast access to comprehensive and reliable information. With simple navigation, quick searching, and rapid results delivered directly to your desktop, Nexis gives you more time to focus on growing your business.

Monitor your competitors
Make sure you are ahead of your competitors by keeping up-to-date on their activities. Set up a saved search in Nexis to run on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis so you are always first to know key competitor developments and activities.

Improve your press coverage
Find out how the media thinks your company is performing. Use Media Coverage Analyser (MCA) to monitor and adapt your communication efforts to ensure you receive maximum press coverage.

Track industry trends
Read all the latest industry news and trends in your chosen trade journals and newspapers. Choose from over 12.000 different newspapers, trade press and journals. Plan your market strategy armed with the latest trends, facts, and figures.

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