Madras Law Journal (Criminal)

Well-known for its prompt reporting of research articles and Judgments selected by a highly qualified editorial board.

The Madras Law Journal(Criminal) is the is the first private law journal to be recognized under the Law Journals Reporting Act.

  • Publishes judgments of significance on a wide range of topics of criminal law.
  • Articles in the journal are assessed carefully prior to publication.


  • The journal is well-known and respected, for its prompt and discerning reporting, of research articles.
  • Editors have been active practitioners with a clear focus on the needs of the bar and bench.
  • Judgments reported in are selected by a highly qualified editorial board that uses a process of selection structured to suit the needs of readers.
Critical Reference for:
  • Judges Advocates, Bar, Government, Academicians, Courts and their Libraries, Corporates and Industry bodies.

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