Conduct due diligence on your customers and suppliers to protect your business and to be prepared in the event of an audit. With Lexis® Diligence, you can quickly perform corporate due diligence and minimise reputational risk to your business.

  • Simple steps to vetting and compliance
  • Quickly verify identities of corporations and persons
  • Accurately screen against sanctions and watch lists, including 800,000 PEPs
  • Minimise reputational risk by checking against 23,000 sources in global news archive
  • Check litigation history in database of international cases
  • Find executive profiles from over 500 biographical sources

Cost-Effective Corporate Due Diligence

Protect your corporation and its reputation and avoid penalties with our third party due diligence solution. Lexis® Diligence offers online access to the intelligence and data you need to make better decisions and protect the integrity of your organisation.

Comprehensive Risk Management

Vet existing and prospective third party partners to minimize risk. Verify a corporate identity and find out more about its structure and management. Lexis® Diligence provides global company reports from over 150 databases of premium company business information and millions of company profiles.

Sanctions, PEPS and Watch Lists

Ensure your organisation avoids blacklisted companies that could put you at risk of costly fines. With Lexis® Diligence, you can screen against key sanctions lists and warnings, including OFAC, HM Treasury and FBI. Find profiles and links to associates for over 800,000 politically exposed persons.

Legal History and Country Risk Reports

Determine how litigious an individual or company may be. The international cases data includes judicial decisions from the UK, EU, US and selected Asian jurisdictions. The country information available helps identify high risk issues through media reports and in-depth country analysis reports.

Ongoing Screening and Monitoring

Track high risk third parties to ensure you are alerted to any changes. Lexis® Diligence and our other sanctions screening and media monitoring tools provide the complete third party due diligence solution. Bridger Insight bulk screen against lists, using our fuzzy-name matching algorithm.

Safeguard your corporate reputation

Ensure your organisation is not associated with bribery, fraud, corruption or improper behaviour via a third party, customer or supplier. With Lexis® Diligence, you can track high risk third parties to ensure you are alerted to potential changes.  Trust LexisNexis to protect your business.

Simple steps to vetting and compliance

Save research steps and time when performing due diligence checks. Our solution brings together all the intelligence you need, in one place.  The resulting Diligence Report will compile the information that can be used now or later during an audit. The Reports can be customised and annotated.

User-friendly search screening

Reduce your investment in IT and training. Lexis® Diligence is simple to use. It searches across multiple databases to deliver relevant matches immediately. Simply view the results and decide which items you want to save or print.

Demonstrate regulatory compliance

Be assured that you have performed the necessary screening. All searches are time and date stamped, providing an audit trail to prove that you have carried out the appropriate due diligence.

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